Alternative Awesome Defold

Some time ago I started collecting links to extensions, tools and resources (as many of us do). There were so many that it definitely made sense to make them into a public list. With a bit of refreshing, combing and categorising, it turned out to be a sort of alternative to Defold Asset Portal in the more plain shape.

:pray: There is a small request to extension authors, content creators, to check your assets and make sure that initial version of the description is suitable and you don’t mind that the asset is listed.

:clap: Community contribution is very welcome, it’s the best fuel to keep the list up to date.

:writing_hand: If you find an outdated or non-working asset, wrong category or description, or you want to add something useful to the list - feel free to create an issue or a pull request.

:books: 422 links in the initial state.

:abc: Community-created content is sorted in ascending order, but core items are manually sorted.

:crescent_moon: Lua modules that are engine-independent but useful for game development are marked with this emoji.

:open_book: There are still not enough links to articles and videos, my collection turned out to be too small.


This a terrific and super clean and well organized list, awesome stuff!


This list is fantastic. I especially like the games showcase at the bottom. I recently made a post on the forums asking about this kind of thing, since it didn’t exist.

One thing I have to ask though. Why should we have two repositories called awesome-defold that generally serve the same purpose? Additionally, the official repository directly impacts the Defold Asset Portal. I think this new repository will cause confusion and irritation that the asset portal is not as comprehensive. The discrepancy makes Defold look less professional, I guess.

Perhaps the asset portal itself should reflect all the additional things you have listed? But that would mean the two awesome-defold repositories should be merged in some way.


I’m not sure there’s a fundamental problem here because many services, engines, languages have awesome lists that are not directly authored by the product owner. :thinking:

If Defold had such a plain list, rather than a source for generating an asset portal web page, I think I’d just submit everything there. But right now, I’m just not ready for that because I’m personally much more comfortable working with a text repository like that than using a web page and preparing everything for the asset portal 🫠.

If it causes confusion, I could change the name of the repository. But honestly, it seems that the original repository for generating the portal web page by design is not an awesome list in the conventional sense. Please correct me if I’m wrong :pray:

Either way, I’m open to solutions. The list is written and it’s under CC0 licence, so there you go :+1:


You’re right. The purpose of defold/awesome-defold has turned into a source for and I’ll make sure that we rename it to defold/asset-portal.


Awesome, thanks for sharing this useful list with the community :+1:
@britzl I think that deserves to be shared on the Defold socials.

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I think we’ve already shared it actually?


That’s right, it’s already been done! Thanks :pray:


Oh, I think I missed that :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

Done. Finger crossed that stuff will continue to work as before! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I noticed that the list is very lacking in links to tutorials and articles, in fact I just never collected them.

If there is someone on the forum who has collected them, could you share a list of them or maybe make a pull request for discussion? :nerd_face:

Also I sometimes feel the categorisation of all these things is a bit confusing. Especially as it relates to rendering, 3d, cameras, shaders and direct working with graphics. If anyone has any ideas how to make it better - welcome! :upside_down_face: