Admob extension failed building (DEF-3657)SOLVED


Hi, when i try to bundle my app for android i get this error : and I have no idea how to fix it.


The error message tells you that you have two adUnitIdspecified in your xml files.

Which extension are you using (there are at least two AdMob extensions)


this one


There is resource bundling issue, I will check it when I get to a computer this evening.
How are you including the extension? As a dependency or copying the directory into your project? In either case, please try the other option.


Where is another one?


I get the error in either case.


Seems like there is still an issue with Defold and resources. The error doesn’t happen on macOS, but only on Windows.

@sven @Mathias_Westerdahl any input on that? Thanks.


Well, no input other than that I thought it was working ok by now, but I’m happy to look into it. Do you have a repro case, or is it enough to create an empty project, add your AdMob extension to the dependencies, and then build for android?


I’ve asked a friend to reproduce the case and he was able to do it with those instructions, granted you fetch the libraries before building.


I got it to work without issues after removing the .jar files included with the Defold engine.

From the AdMob extension docs:
" Again, download it and put it into your project directory. Scroll down to native_extension -> App Manifest and select /game.appmanifest ." Can you confirm you’ve performed this step?


I think he is referring to




I added ticket DEF-3657 for this.


So, I’ve solved it !

looking for new lead I looked a the github of the other extension ( ) and found this line
I did it, and it worked so yay

either way thank you for your help

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