AdMob Extension error


Hello, I’m using AdMob Extension with
When I bundle Android app, Defold shows errors as below. In the screen shot “skipping incompatible … libauth.a …” this is the reason. I’m using macOS Mojave 10.14.4, Defold 1.2.163, Android SDK Platform 28.



Hi @andy6!
Sorry for the inconvenience.
What version of the admob-extension are you using?

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Hi Mathias, no problem. I just added “” to Dependencies and fetched the library. When I run my game in testing session, Defold tells the global accessing ‘admob’ is nil. So I tried to bundle Android app then I got the error messages during compile.



Defold Admob extension is an example project that is not production ready for now. Please use instead



Thanks. I have another problem as below.

  1. I already tried it too. Since I’ve updated Defold and Xcode, I’ve tried Lerg’s version again and compiling with Lerg works well. Bundling Android app is successful. I installed my game on my real device and touched it, then my app shows a screen as below for a second and gets crashed right after. The phone is Samsung Galaxy S8 active(SM-G892A), Android version 8.0.0, Kernel 4.4.78-13220380.

  2. I removed Lerg’s extension from dependencies and bundled Android app again, installed it on my real device, then the app shows below screen and it doesn’t get crashed and works well.



What does your log from the android say?

Let’s ping @sergey.lerg to see if he has any insight?



I captured a chunk though, the log is pretty long as below attached file. It seems there is a problem to use Chrome webview controller. Good idea to let him know.

log.txt (60.7 KB)



I’m testing the bundle builded today with Defold 1.2.163 and admob extesion by Lerg, works ok on both my devices with Android 9 and Androd 4.2.2



Thx for the info! I can sleep a bit easier tonight :slight_smile: