About the Work for hire category

“Can I post a thread where I advertise my work?”
– Of course! We will always encourage everything which benefits the community, and offering your services to the community—for remuneration or not—is a good example of that.

“I made a thread and added my work—can I add more?”
– In order to reduce bumping of WfH threads, you may not post more than once per 14 days in your own thread (unless it’s a direct reply to a comment in the thread, in which case you may reply). If you want to add additional work to your thread within the 14-day period, you must edit your existing posts with your added content.

“Can I use the Work for Hire category to post job offerings?”
– Sure, knock yourselves out! It can be used for offerings as well as requests, e.g. “[2D art] Programmer looking for 2D pixel artist; pays fairly well”.

Some final pointers:

  • Ground rule: just don’t spam. It not only takes up space from other valuable forum topics, but most people find it annoying—and will make them less likely to engage with you and your services.
  • Include what you are offering/looking for in the topic, e.g. “[2D art] Experienced artist with LOTS of free time for hire!”
  • Don’t do business with someone unless you completely trust them. If you’re unsure—do some research. Check their LinkedIn, Portfolio, Google, etc.
  • Never talk about payment in the forum threads—handle discussions about rates in direct messages instead.
  • To be sure, make sure to sign a legally valid contract between the two parties where you clear out rights to the material. E.g. can the buyer use the material in several games, or just one? Can the buyer modify the work? Is the material exclusive for the buyer, or can the material be sold to other parties?
  • Defold is not responsible for any disputes or disagreements made between parties, and we are unable to offer any legal support (we’re much better at building game engines than offering legal counsel anyway).
  • The Defold team has the right to close and delete threads which do not comply to the above rules.