A year with Defold


Hello Defoldians :hugs:
Just completed an year with Defold, and what I wanted to do the most, was to share with you the experiences that I had.

How did the journey begin?

April last year, after being away for a long time from my computer, I wanted to just dive into it, and make a big game. But as the story always goes, I kept hunting for graphics all along, and couldn’t find a good one, that’s to say till I reached @ansimuz’s website, where I found links to our War Battles and Alien World assets. I initially thought that Defold was an online marketplace selling assets :stuck_out_tongue: . Yet, by mistake, I clicked on the Defold logo, and it took me to the homepage, where I realized that it was a 2d free game engine. I was very happy, as Unity’s policy had irritated me, and Unreal never ran on my P.C. Hence began my journey with Defold, as I downloaded it, and found it to be great.


As we all know, Defold doesn’t have many tutorials like tose big engines, so I kept switching b/w Defold and Unity for almost a month. Then I found @britzl 's examples, and I was so happy. Then, on 30th April last year, I posted for the first time on the forums. To my surprise @britzl replied in within an hour. I was quite surprised, as I wasn’t expecting such a quick response. I never looked back, and posted every question and question on forum. I know that was silly on my part, and now realize that i should be sorry for that :frowning:. Yet I am grateful to this community to support me through all this .

A special thanks goes to:

@britzl, @pkeod, @ross.grams, @sicher among nameless others to help me all along my jouney. Also to the DefGang :fire: for working on this great engine.

Some stats from last year:

Last year, I:

  • worked on 11 games, but
  • released two games, Retrostars, and a small one for LD.
  • Contested for my first LD ever,
  • Came on verge of completing my third game(Dang!, I ruined the surprise).
  • Wrote more than 10, 000 lines of code :open_mouth:
  • Enjoyed being in this community. :smile:

A word about Defold.

Defold is a great engine capable of making every great game out there, and many members of this community, have proved it to be true. The engine has a great potential, and if used properly, can be used as a game changer in the game dev world.

A bug.

Hey!! I found a bug too. When you select an item in the content select pane, and double click on the scroll bar, the content opens. Isn’t this not the expected behaviour?

In the pic, main.collection is selected. Now if I double click the scroll bar, main.collection opens

Some feature requests:

  • Zoom into the tile picker.
  • scaling sprites.(Please!!)
  • drag n drop in editor.
  • Inheritance?, i.e making scripts have parents.
local parent = script.set_parent("scripts.player")--sets parent script as player script from scripts folder,

function init(self)
parent.init(self)--call init function of parent.
  • Animated tiles in tilemaps?

Final words

Thank you everyone for reading thiss all along.
P.S. There is truck load of things I want to add, but can’t word it now,so maybe sometime later.



You sold your games in Amazon LD?
I never think about it.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



No no. This LD means Ludum Dare. :wink:

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Oh, great!

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Cool stuff.



I’m starting with Defold, and having similar feelings. Was nice to hear your experience.

+1. Yes. And zoom out, I’m in the oposite case, that my tiles are too big.

+1. Scale them on the Atlas settings too. To affect the whole project.


Not an expert in the subject, but meanwhile, even we don’t have directly the notion of inheritance and classes in the editor if you can separate your game logic on Lua from the Game Objects of Defold you can use some features of Lua to emulate OOP, with Metatables or Closures.

I did my research, with my desire of Classes coming from Object Pascal (Delphi) and particularly liked how clean and efficient it is implemented with closures. Used them in two projects with Corona SDK and Love2D and was a pleasure.

You could work with modules and these Lua “classes” and think of Defold Game Objects (or collections) like they are just components of your classes, with some default settings configurable on the editor.



We only added zoom in recently. Did we consider a general zoom option @vlaaad?

Scaling them in the atlas doesn’t make sense. If you need them larger then scale them before importing. And scaling of sprites is not planned. Scale the game object. It is cheap.

Yes, nice to have definitely. It will have to wait though.

If you need inheritance or some other way of modularising your scripts then it’s Lua modules that will solve your problem.

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We did consider general zoom, but due to how scroll event handlers are wired in this view, it would require significant amount of work to override default behavior, so we settled for what there is now

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Didn’t make sense before I knew I have to scale every single game object to 0.5 how is recommended in documentation, and that’s annoying.
I was looking to have a global scale down, not larger.

But now I just find that you said this somewhere else:

Maybe that’s my “global scaling” option to support High DPI, which I think every game want’s to support. Why this is not suggested in the documentation? There is any drawback? Less performance?
Or maybe too obvious that we have to guess it.



It is, but you can’t add them while working with gameobject prototypes :frowning:

Really? How could have I missed that.:thinking: Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Keyboard shortcuts (like Ctrl + ‘+’ and Ctrl + ‘-’ ) maybe?(Just a random idea :smile: )

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This was also discussed here :wink:

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