A New Game, A New Team

Hi I’m Marinos, I have experienced game development wen i was 13 i stared using game maker without even using coding knowledge (seems i’m 14 now) and don’t worry, I was here since i was 13 and now i’m 14 if anyone wants to join me and make like a team!

Btw i was here last year so it’s okay if i can know some coding (you don’t need to teach me how to code but it’s optional) anyway there is a new game that is a geometry dash style (if you don’t know what’s geometry dash then it’s a rythm based platformer / runner game with diffrent game modes).

but this game will have 2d and 3d sections so if anyone can join into one of these sections or both (optional) then that’s good
so how many people there will be you might ask?
i don’t know maybe 10 could be the maximum because this is impossible to find more than 10 people who are intrested into a game that changes between 2d and 3d sections so more than 10 would be possible only if it was very intresting and if it is then feel free to join!

that’s all! any questions can be replied.
if you want to join then send your email in the replies


Hello and welcome to the forum! Finding developers for remote collaboration is always tricky. My recommendation is that you start building some kind of prototype and share it here. That way people see that you have more than an idea and probably more likely to join.


Hey, am Vincent
Turned 15 a few months ago and have worked in the defold editor for a year now. Don’t have a lot of experience in 3d but a lot in 2d. My email is: vincent.lagerros@gmail.com

I come from Sweden (UTC + 1) and have published one app so far (Link)

Have worked in Unity and know some python. Right now im working on a maze generator game, but add me to the project and we can get a prototype working. Msg me or add me on discord (Vincent#2795)

Btw can’t do anything right now because I lost my charger for my laptop while on a skiing trip, so all I can do right now is to wait for it to get mailed to me. Can take some days…


ok sure! ill add you!

i tried but it said that you don’t have a defold account

I switched emails yesterday, so the system may be slow? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Somethings wrong, I cant login with that email but with my old one it works?

Let’s ping @samuel.nystedt and we’ll see if he can help out on this :slight_smile:



Hey, Vincent. Unfortunately we don’t support changing email of your Defold account. What you did by changing your email in the forum settings only applies to email notifications from the forum and does not change your login… which is a bit confusing, I know.

If you want to use your new shiny email with your current Defold project, you need to sign up to Defold again with your new email and then login with your old email and invite yourself to the projects you want to access with your new user.


When I created this account I used my school email. The ony problem is that it will be deleted in a few years because it costs money to have that email or something like that. So I switched email to avoid losing my account. Now I am locked to that email :confused:

Is there any way to transfer my account to another with a different email?

No, I’m sorry to say that is no easy way to do that. But there’s a workaround as I described above, but it involves a few manual steps.

  1. create a new Defold account with your new email address.
  2. Login with your old account on the dashboard and add the new user to the “Team” of each of the projects you want to keep.
  3. You also need to transfer ownership of each project to the new user, this is done on the “Settings” page for each project.
  4. After you transfered ownership of all the projects you want to keep you can delete your old account and the new user will have full access to the projects.

One downside I can think of with this approach is that you will lose access to your old forum user and posts after deleting your old account.

Hope this helps you @Vincent and sorry for any inconvenience