A New Defold Tutorial - Peg Puzzle


Hi folks – I’ve just finished posting a series of three tutorials that uses the development of a traditional peg game (Peg Solitaire) to highlight an approach for game development — using sequential builds. Each build is a fully executable project – allowing the developer to build, bundle onto targeted platforms and execute. Hardly an ‘Agile’ process, but what I’d term a ‘blocking and tackling’ plan for rapid game development. The three tutorials focus on:

  • BUILD I: – In support of this initial build, the tutorial outlines the general concept of the game, to include, defining the target audience, setting targets for overall simplicity/difficulty, defining game play and win objectives. Integral to Build I will be the collection of initial graphic assets, to include backgrounds for both the splashscreens and gameplay, logos for the developer and game title, level selection panel and level buttons, game object sprites and animations.

  • BUILD II: – During this second tutorial, we expand on Build I – adding a fully functional Level 1 of gameplay. During the tutorial for Build II, we add the full set of game objects (tabletop, pegs and pegholes), expand the controller to accommodate game setup, routines to handle player actions for moving the pegs, jumping other pegs and also removing the jumped peg from the gameboard. Additionally, during this build we’ll include procedures to accommodate several unique game conditions: (a) error-prone actions, such as multiple clicks on a peg – or – selecting an invalid jump move, (b ) selecting a jump path when multiple jump options are available and (c ) determining if there are still any potential moves that the user can make – if not, ending the game.

  • BUILD III: –The last tutorial adds new play levels to the game – focused on different geometries – each of which will be more challenging to the player.

Please take a look – I think you’ll find it an interesting project. Here’s the URL’s to the three parts:

E1 - Opening SplashScreen and Level Selection Panel
E2 - A Full Game focused on a Single Level - 10 location triangle
E3 - The Final Four Level Peg Puzzle Game


Thanks for supporting this set of tutorials. All the best, Dave


@david.l.chadwick—this is great, thanks for sharing! Looks like a really well-made tutorial, we’ll make sure to spread it from our accounts :slight_smile:


Great work! Really dig the design and flow of the tutorials. One minuscule thing I noticed, there’s no link to T3 from the end of T2 from what I could see, and the end of T3 links to T2 as the next step :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for contributing!


Thanks for catching that. I’ve now included a link to Build III from the Build II posting; and also have included links to all three at the end of the final Peg Puzzle Tutorial.

Really appreciate the work you folks have put into this superb game engine – it is the best out there for 2d development work across multiple platforms – by far!!