A Name Is Earned [Game Jam Entry]

Hey Everyone!

I recently completed another game jam (number 5 for this year).

Contacted by a mysterious organization, Benetton (the player) must travel into a dungeon and clear out a horde of monsters using a magic sword.

This sword, known as the ‘Beastial Rage’, has the ability to deal huge damage if used with 10 seconds of killing an enemy (8 times damage) and will return some health. The downside is your color vision is gone, forcing you to see the world in a more primal way.

Are you worthy enough to earn the name of this secret society?

I created this for the Bullet Hell game jam and the Black and White game jam. This was an interesting experiment to do two game jams at once, one resulted in a limited art style (grayscale) and the other resulted in the main mechanic (10 second damage boost).

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it!


Really dig the minimal art style and animations , they really bring the character and ai alive. The short story behind the game was nice. I like that I couldn’t just kite an enemy around corners as they sort of back off and shoot from far forcing me to charge and dodge ,highlighting the bullet hell aspect. I went through the whole game and enjoyed it! Very cool game. I did encounter a bug twice as I slashed a goblin it flew back through a wall and then I was unable to kill it having to restart the level. Other than that game ran very smooth , well done!


Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I encountered the out of bounds bug a few times, I thought I was able to fix it with a raycast but I guess I wasn’t able to. I’m going to look into fixing it for a post jam version.