8-Bit Golf


I was thinking - if you placed the tiles so that they overlap, would the bug still happen? I’m thinking adding invisible overlapping tiles across all surfaces could maybe be automated. I haven’t played with tilemaps (or any graphics, come to think about it) in defold yet, so maybe I’m off here.

I’ve seen the arrow head thing at least three times, probably a bit more, but hell if I know what caused it.


Collision areas are done automatically by Defold in the tilesource so you don’t have the option to make the collision areas overlap. In theory you could generate the collision boxes yourself in code as a bunch of game objects with collision areas but overlapping them would cause issues on ledges and such.

I’m assured the Defold guys are working on a way to create/modify collision boxes in code so I’ll look at doing it that way in the future when we have that capability. For now though, I’m happy enough the bad bounce issue has been minimised as much as it reasonably can be.


Wow. Great progress !!!
I like the paralax and all the little things you implemented ! Awesome!!!


Just tried it out on the community page – plays great! If you’re looking at improving stuff, I’ve got two suggestions:

1 — When you can’t see what’s ahead if you, it can be very difficult to line up your shot. Not sure what the best solution would be, though. A small minimap? Pinch-to-zoom to get a larger view of the level? Virtual “Camera joystick”?

2 — I’d love a way to cancel a stroke, for example by releasing super-close to the ball.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve actually got solutions in the works for both of these issues.

  1. Cancelling a shot can be achieved by dragging the arrow back to the ball and letting go. This also prevents accidental shots when tapping the screen by mistake or to clear the tutorial.
  2. Right clicking and dragging or tap and drag with two fingers will enable a “free look” mode where the player can freely scroll around the level before take each shot.


Nearly finished with Furious Golf, for now. Have added a handful of small additions in response to some helpful suggestions here on the forum.

  • Levels can now be scrolled around by dragging with the right mouse button - so you can ‘look before you leap’ so to speak
  • Dragging the arrow back to the ball will now cancel a shot
  • A few other minor tweaks and changes in there too

Demo on community page has been updated again. Play HTML5 build in browser

Looking to release the Android build some time next week. If there’s demand, I’ll had further levels and features later on.


Pretty good! I didn’t notice any new issues, though that stuck arrow thing was happening relatively often now. I think it was because I was playing faster? I still had no luck replicating it intentionally, though, and not for the lack of trying.


I think I found an issue with the arrow head so have uploaded a fix. Please let me know if you see it again! Thanks.


I played it a little and haven’t seen it, so it probably did the trick.


Work has concluded on Furious Golf. The release versions if up on the community page and the Android release can be grabbed here.

Thanks everyone who followed along with this project and offered feedback. I had a really good time using Defold again!


Nice! I’ll play through it once more later.

What will you be up to next? Do you have another project in mind or will you take a break?


Wow, really digging all the effects on the levels! Great job!


I’ve had a week away from development and am back ready for another project. Not sure what it’ll be yet, I’m looking at a few options - something without balls. I’ve done enough ball games for now!