4k/HiDPI monitor support (SOLVED)

Do you have plans to support this kind of monitor?
This is what it looks like when I start Defold on my laptop with Linux :slightly_frowning_face::

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Please make an issue here https://github.com/defold/editor2-issues/issues

Generally, a lot of software is not suited for 4k displays, for example, I’m struggling to select a proper icon in GIMP :confused:

Just a curious onlooker here, but don’t you just scale up the text size of your operating system when you have a monitor like that?

That’s what I do on my 4k monitor on macOS.

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Scaling in Windows doesn’t help, icons are just too small, text is unreadable :confused: I was reading about it and issues remains unresolved, not even a single workaround, it is something that devs must ensure, unfortunately

I think JavaFX should be able to help with this. @vlaaad and @mats.gisselson?

Huh, I have HiDPI Linux at home, Defold looks fine there. One thing that might help: edit config file in Defold installation directory: after "vmargs = " add “-Djdk.gtk.version=2,” and restart Defold.


@vlaaad, that didn’t help in my case, but I’ve found a solution for my GNOME desktop environment:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface scaling-factor 2
Initially it was set to 0.
Hope it will help someone :slight_smile:

And this is the result:


Thank you for sharing the solution! I added this to the Linux FAQ. I wonder if this is something we could do on startup somehow?

I know this is an old topic but I think there is a better solution for the font scaling. The problem is that for a lot of monitors, you want to scale up by a fraction, for example 1.5 seems to work well for mine. The solution above only allows for an integral scaling factor.

You should edit Defold/config and find the vmargs line. Change it as follows:

vmargs = -Dglass.gtk.uiScale=1.5,-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8…

If you don’t want to scale by 1.5, include your own value of course.

Perhaps this could be added to the Linux FAQ too?


Thanks! Added it just now. It should be visible in a minute or so.

Thank you! Now when I forget how I did it in six months’ time, it will be there waiting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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