3D Terrain


There’s not a lot going on with this example, but it’s still cool to look at. There are a few sample images you can swap between on the model, and a few level of detail models supplied.

game.zip (6.4 MB)



I’m tinkering with a way to use heightmap data in scripts conveniently. If anyone has a good and fast idea let me know!

A way this example can be improved would be to add smoothing. So multiple samples are used per vertex so that unintentional peaks don’t happen as much.

Another thing to add would be multi texturing with a blending map. I think some engines use vertex color to store the blending map for multi texturing but we don’t have access to that data at the moment.


Playing with triplayer shading would also be cool. This is useful like in the tweet animation with multiple doodads to make up a level. It’s popular in modern games such as Destiny to make levels in this way.

Heightmap terrain is still useful for base geometry for levels.



Cool! The triplanar trick should be pretty easy to do, just pass a non-transformed normal to the fragment shader and select the texture you want in the same way the gif did it. Multi-texturing is a little bit of a hassle until we have proper engine support unfortunately, but still doable… Looking forward to seeing the results!