20 alternatives to After Effects


I no longer own any abode products and I plan on looking more FOSS altenertives in the future. I have never used an Apple in my 50 years- but I do use windows and a host of linux flavors. Being able to work on any OS is important to me. And some software have intentionally installed things that block them from being used with WINE or PROTON. As much as I love affinity they willful distance themselves from LINUX and even have made bold statements they will never support LINUX. Which means having to use Krita and Inkscape and like Bjorn said I just dont like Inkscape UI same with GImp- though I can literally theme GIMP to make it identical to photoshop but IM lazy. WINE forums have stated they managed to get affinity to run and install but the graphics window turns black.

Furthermore I believe in supporting FOSS as it makes bettering oneself more accessible. For disabled, unemployed, and low income there is no extra cash. Abode suite I think is about $600 a year now. Corel suite is $499 and you own it and about twice a year you can get on humble bundle for about $100 or less. I havent used their suite since the 90’s.



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For After FX alternative I believe this could be a good solution:

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its a subscription model too- but looks cool.