YaGames - Yandex.Games SDK for Defold

We have made a research a month ago, so here is the result.

Game URL Engine Downloads to the date
Море Слов https://yandex.ru/games/app/98073 Defold 2129600
Филворды https://yandex.ru/games/app/100048 Defold 556245
Катапульта https://yandex.ru/games/app/96919 Defold 286942
Звёздный Кроссворд https://yandex.ru/games/app/101236 Defold 270902
Маджонг Фрукты: соедини пары https://yandex.ru/games/app/100734 Defold 13485
4 картинки 1 слово https://yandex.ru/games/app/104461 Defold 7608
Ай, бросай! https://yandex.ru/games/app/115235 Defold 7260
ЕГЭ по Истории https://yandex.ru/games/app/118179 Defold 7112
Знаешь-сдвигаешь! https://yandex.ru/games/app/103311 Defold 24413


Great to see more games made with Defold with tons of players!

You’re a part of OpenMyGame? I hope you can share some more cool information in the future!


Thank you!

Yes, I am from OpenMyGame.
Happy you found it interesting!


You gave so many likes to previous version of Yandex.Games.Defold statistics, so I decided to receive additional dopamine through publishing the freshest version of it. All apps have Russian localization, but I GoogleTranslated titles.

UPD. We have 18 apps, 9 publishers, 5 millon installs.

Game Downloads Publisher Rating URL
Sea of ​​Words 2654572 OpenMyGame 4.3 https://yandex.ru/games/app/98073/
Fillwords 1048482 OpenMyGame 4.2 https://yandex.ru/games/app/100048/
Star crossword 507658 OpenMyGame 4.3 https://yandex.ru/games/app/101236/
Mahjong Fruit: Connect Pairs 358650 Potato Jam 4 https://yandex.ru/games/app/100734/
Catapult 313669 MaratGiliazov 4.4 https://yandex.ru/games/app/96919/
Mahjong Cards 32233 Indiesoft 4.2 https://yandex.ru/games/app/134586/
You know, you move! 29938 Lampogolovii 4 https://yandex.ru/games/app/103311/
4 pictures 1 word 23377 Alexander Bulatov 3.9 https://yandex.ru/games/app/104461/
Unified State Exam in History 17305 Lampogolovii 4.4 https://yandex.ru/games/app/118179/
Emoji 14921 korgames 4.1 https://yandex.ru/games/app/148683/
Edible or not? 12666 Lampogolovii 4.1 https://yandex.ru/games/app/141471/
Ay, throw it up! 9930 Lampogolovii 4.1 https://yandex.ru/games/app/115235/
Ball Vocabulary 8318 Lampogolovii 4.5 https://yandex.ru/games/app/141469/
What color is the crocodile? 8050 Lampogolovii 4.4 https://yandex.ru/games/app/132518/
Sweet couple 4935 Alexander Bulatov 3.4 https://yandex.ru/games/app/132155/
Collect add 21 1845 ColorGames 4.2 https://yandex.ru/games/app/152056/
Filler 1772 korgames 4.9 https://yandex.ru/games/app/141762/
Belt 839 QicCodingLtd 3.5 https://yandex.ru/games/app/152063/

18! that’s much better! =)



Let’s double those numbers in 2021!


Any idea what’s wrong if the upload displays as “File contains errors” and “backend: Internal error”?


Could you please try again? Sometimes Yandex console has problems with the uploading process. After uploading, click “Save” and refresh the page.

You’ll see “File is verifying”:

Wait a couple of minutes to get “File verified”. You can click the link to test your game!


I tried multiple times to no avail. But I got help from the nice folks at Yandex and now it is working again. The also deployed a small fix to avoid this problem in the future :slight_smile:


Another question: It seems like Yandex is caching the upload and that you get the old version back even if you upload a new version of your game. Is there some way to forcibly clear the cache to get the new version of an upload?


This is the most asked question in the Yandex.Games Telegram chat :sweat_smile:

All I know is that after uploading, you should wait a little more time while Yandex refreshes cache on their CDN servers. Then a single click on the “Refresh” button in your browser should be enough to get the new version.

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usually, you need to use the reference to the game you get in the dashboard after the unloading and checking process. Then it should update your build. Sometimes even if I see this link is ready I refresh the browser it doesn’t help, but if I open the link again from the dashboard - it works.

In my case it me being stupid and not pressing Save after uploading a new version…

Got an error when trying to show an interstitial. The browser console gave the following advice:

What you can do:
1. Enable monetization: https://yandex.ru/dev/games/doc/dg/console/enable-monetization-docpage/
2. Fill all fields in your draft https://games.yandex.ru/console/application/162334#application-info-draft
3. Ensure in Ads section https://games.yandex.ru/console/application/162334#application-info-draft (bottom)
there is block id (like R-A-123456) and state = work.
If state != work (created, for example), just wait 24 hours: block creation might take time

Need to check what this actually means :slight_smile:

This is what you should do, i.e. wait again, yes! The interstitial will start working soon.

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Thanks. I had missed the Ads tab on my game page. Today I see ad blocks under the Ads tab. When trying an interstitial ad I got:

v2-proxy:16 Trouble with showing adv:  Error: No adv to show now - it can happen sometimes

I must say that after having tested Poki, GameDistribution and Yandex and not having any prior experience with either one that Yandex is the least user friendly and the hardest to set up. Poki was by far the easiest, with GameDistribution close behind.

But in the end it all comes down to the money (as it almost always does). The game we have been testing has performed significantly better using Game Distribution compared to Poki. It’s going to be interesting to compare this with Yandex once the game is live there as well.

It fully depends on your game. The audience on portals is different.
I know a couple of opposite examples where Poki and Yandex make more money than GD.

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Indeed. And the quality. The quality of the games on Poki is for instance higher than on GD.

Some Yandex.Games updates:


Yandex.Games team introduced Leaderboards several days ago - https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fyandex.ru%2Fblog%2Fgamesfordevelopers%2Fliderbordy-na-yandeks-igrakh :star_struck:

I added this new API for leaderboards in version 0.4.1. I don’t have games with high score tables to test the implementation. I’ll be glad if anyone tries to use it!