Unexplored Territories Dev-Diary


Do you get any information in the browser’s developer console output?

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I re-tested it today and the issue is no longer occurring. I had checked the running processes on my PC and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but it must have been some other process on my machine slowing things down.



New Development Screenshot! Working on revamping my Overworld levels with more decorative models and some cloud particle FX.



Working on improving the visuals in my forest area! Let me know what you guys think if anyone has feedback. I’m going to try to look into improving the ground detail soon. I use a tilemap however so I’ll have to remove the ground layer and replace with modeled terrain so it’s a ton of work.



Working on new items. Learning more 3D rendering techniques and I have quite a good variety of them in the game now:



New version of the game out on the website (www.unexploredterritories.com)! Major new features: repeatable random dungeons (2 for now) mega enemy varieties, 4 non-repeatable dungeons, upgradeable equipment, and more! This will likely mark the last release (serving as a demo) prior to once the game is ready for commercialization. I’ll likely update the web game one last time but keep the content relatively the same once it’s ready to launch. If anyone knows any good places to promote please let me know. Additionally I am planning to create a developer roadmap video explaining my vision and long term plans for the game at some point, if anyone is interested.

P.S. If you played previously, make sure to Ctrl+F5 and then erase game prior to starting. I was using a non-versioned save system before but have a system to upgrade saves going forward now.



Black screen only in Chrome?



Did you try erase game prior to starting (if you played previously?) I lost track of the save data changes I made at some point so the new version requires a new save :stuck_out_tongue: Once it’s ready for launch I’ll be of course much more careful with it. I tested in Chrome on my PC and no such black screen occurs.



Deleting everything in IndexedDB still gives a black screen. Are you capturing script errors somewhere? GameAnalytics is good for that.

Trying in Edge it also is a black screen

Same with Firefox but maybe also a clue why it’s not working


Upload a debug build somewhere to see if it prints anything useful?

I have a GTX 1060 on this Win10 PC.



Hmm, did you try the old Ctrl+F5 to reload assets? I’m on a much newer version so can’t update the web game easily. I tested on multiple devices prior to posting it without any issues. I’ve tried Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox on my PC and all work without issues.



I did, did not help for me.



I updated the game with all the recent features. I’m planning on adding lots more content prior to launch and for a good amount of time afterwards. Perhaps if you get a chance you could test the latest version?

Content added in this version (for the developer diary:)

Collect and unbox dusty chests for items (dropped off all enemies with the stronger enemies dropping with a higher probability), Title screen update (prettier graphics :smiley:), more music added (to title screen, upgrade terminal, etc.) Bug fixes galore! Game size reductions due to texture cleanup. A few new overworld areas. Two areas now have power level 2 enemies for those who can beat the included dungeons already. Updated map (all locations have names for place recognition) with more stylized graphics.

Plans going forward: Expanding the Overworld, more dungeons with stronger and more difficult enemy varieties. Enemy AI improvements. More equipment!

Screenshots from my Android phone:



One last update to the game! I fixed the render script and improved performance. I also added one new dungeon near the start of the game for newer players to get used to the enemies and combat style. Currently working on setting up an internal test on Google Play, then I’ll move to closed testing. If anyone wants invitation to closed testing (to happen likely within a month or two) then please private message me and I’ll include you in the testing.



Another update at https://unexploredterritories.com/ !

I’ve changed the banner art to a new promotional banner. Added an alchemy system (super basic for now), two new dungeons for starting players, updated targeting system, helmets, and improved rendering.

Hoping to get some feedback on the early part of the game. Is it enjoyable? Is anything confusing?
I have a release ready for internal testing on Google Play now also if anyone is interested in trying it on their mobile Android device.



Good news! Whatever changes you did recently made the game display again, no longer a black screen. :slight_smile:

The effort and progress you’ve put into your project since the last time I play tested really shows. Keep it up!

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It probably had something to do with my unorthodox rendering script at that time haha.

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Some concept art for underworld related enemy design thoughts:

I want to differentiate between the robots (which have taken over the planet’s surface) and the underworld creatures (which are more fantastical and live beneath the surface) in the game.



Video Walkthrough to show how to advance far enough to construct the research terminal!

The game will be running a sale from 12/1/2020-12/3/2020 as well. If anyone knows a good place to promote this please let me know :smiley:



A new repeatable dungeon has been added! Here’s a screenshot collage from the new area:



I’m looking for feedback! If anyone wants to write me a short review in exchange for a free copy please let me know (just using the honor system, I will send the key so you can test and review the game.) Hoping to improve the game and grow a small audience while in early access.