Teaser Fridays and Roadmap talks


You can start holding your breath soon…


Here’s small friday teaser:


here’s something from the team offsite:

I’d inspire those responsible for the given teasers come in and maybe talk a bit more here =]


The list looks really good. Regarding point 3, what I’d personally love to see is tracks support for Spine. We’ll soon be implementing a cutscene system with Spine and having tracks would be amazing. (Not to say it can’t be worked around, but it would be easier for the animator to not have to split his layers)


Reviving this old thread again!

Not really a teaser since it’s already released; showing particlefx stretch property on a simple fireworks effect.

Have great weekend!


It’s Fridaaaaay…any more teasers around the corner?


Pending release is our new resource profiler view in the Web profiler.
It allows you to capture what resources are loaded into memory and a view of the currently loaded collections. Next in line functionality wise is sorting, searching, x-referencing (by selecting items), detail views with sub-resources and more…


Very valuable and handy! Thank you


My dreams come true. :star_struck:


@AGulev Man… that’s sad. :smiley:


I need new one Defold-dream. For example Editor’s plugins =)


Long time, no teasers! I’ve published some early screens of this previously, but we’ve come quite a long way in the improvement of the Defold welcome screen. It will replace this screen, and provide a better entry point for project handling in Defold.

Most notably, users will be able to create new projects from the editor, without cumbersome workarounds. Together with this, we’re working on a set of new project templates, the point of which is to speed up your workflow depending on the type of game you want to make—as well as samples, which can be used as a good starting point for different types of game mechanics and other useful features.

We’ll roll out the first features of this shortly, with more to come in the future.

Note: The above images are from my Sketch file, and copy/content will most def vary in the live editor. Happy Friday!


Nice! I think I saw some of those templates on github already :slight_smile:


Yes, they are up there. Have a look and if you spot something, PR:s are very welcome!


Looking really nice. Well done


Teaser Fri-yay! :fire:

The last couple of days we’ve been working on some workflow improvements for Editor 2 the last couple of days, mainly outline controls.

1: Hide/view visual guidelines

Allow the user to hide bounding boxes, grid, spine bones, etc.

2: Visibility control

Quickly show/hide a set of objects, categorised by type. If you have a scene with a lot of physics objects which clutters up the editor, easily hide/show them when needed.

3: Search

Find components in the outline by search.

4: Outline filter

Filter components in the outline, categorised by type.

So yeah, that’s about it. It’s still in the design phase, so I’d greatly appreciate thoughts, praise, grilled cheese sandwich recipes, and feedback.


The main question: WHEN? =)))


Hard to tell. We don’t have an abundance of editor devs, unfortunately—and this design is really straight out of the oven. We’ll discuss it in the team, scope it in a reasonable manner (e.g. shipping the “Hide Component guidelines” first, maybe), and just continue to make great progress with the tools as we go. :slight_smile:


Nice Update! but I have some suggestion

  1. Hide/view visual guidelines – have a button on the canvas, so we can access it quickly
  2. Visibility Control – I probably want visibility control of specific object rather than the whole type, it is more useful and I can relate it better to my GameObject, Collection or Atlas
  3. Search – Just put TextField there I instead (since I remove other buttons – item 2 & 4)
  4. Outline filter – Rather than filter, I would have 2 way to view outlines either by Hierarchy (current) or Object Type (which is what you want to achieve with filter)

I think this is a better UX for the users


There will be a shortcut. Is that not enough?

Both will be possible since they are both useful.

There are about 15 different types of component so an ordered list based on type may become pretty long in large collections so viewing specific types is almost a must.