Teaser Fridays and Roadmap talks

One thing that I think would greatly help messaging is a readonly property on the object information window that shows the URL you need to use to message that object. This is something I struggled with at first and still sometimes have to try three or four urls to get the right one. I think the messaging is a great feature.


This is something that has been added to the new editor. Defold Editor 2.0


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Since most things we’ve been working on are now announced, we had a special existential meeting today about what do we post about in our roadmap rumours thread. Kinds of… :sunglasses:

Indeed, what are the new features you’d be excited about in Defold? Or shall we just fix more bugs, improve features we have already?


I am waiting for :

  • native extensions android/html5;
  • particles in GUI;
  • possibility to change resolution of game (using code from an app on win).

Nice to have:



My list:

  • handling of hi-dpi/retina (@2x) assets
  • use the particle graph editor to generate curves to be played via code
  • complete the integration of box2d
  • complete the extension system
  • preset to quickly test different resolutions with the game running
  • better mobile html5 (?)

Generally I feel Defold has already a lot to offer and would benefit from a bugfix/polish pass:

  • There are few serious, long standing bugs (e.g. DEF-1636) that I believe should be fixed before developing the engine further.
  • The engine should be capable of handling multi-resolution assets natively.
  • That may not be such an issue for people that can afford to develop directly on the target device but having resolutions presets/scale factors and few controls (rotate, shake etc…) in the desktop dev engine would be a game-changer. Being limited by the actual resolution of your laptop/desktop monitor is really annoying when you’re developing an app for a retina device that you may not have readily available (i.e Ipad pro, Surface book etc…)

I also really like native extensions and would love to see it done for all platforms.
It may even help with opening a bit more the build process as at the moment it’s very difficult to tweak the final bundle.For instance, creating android app with a proper splashscreen (using a fake startup activity) or removing parts that are not used.


I forgot about it! Of course

Fully agree with @Nicolas_Darques and @gianmichele !


Native extensions are pretty awesome, I’m looking forward to having them for the other PC platforms, and to see Editor 2 catch up with Editor 1 some day (wouldn’t mind hearing more progress reports/“editor 2 release notes”).

  • Dynamic pitch changing of sounds would be awesome. AFAIK there’s no way to do that right now, so that’s my main feature wish.
  • Changing input bindings at runtime. (kind of a must for PC games, would be much nicer to have it built-in than have to do crazy workarounds.)

+1 also for . . .

I just started using the curve editor recently. It’s pretty sweet and I don’t know why it’s not usable for anything other than particles!

Box2D was one of the reasons I decided to try Defold, so I was a bit disappointed to see how little of it is exposed. What about CCD, bodies with multiple fixtures, and joints, not to mention editor support for polygon collision shapes? I know not a lot of people want to use that stuff, but it’s already there, right?


Oh, and polygon sprites is a good feature, those can be a huge optimization.

Darn, too many features to want! Of course, focusing on bugs instead of feature creep is never a bad idea . . .

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Click watch on the Defold Editor 2 Issues git to get e-mail updates https://github.com/defold/editor2-issues

Make sure you have e-mails enabled for watching too https://github.com/settings/notifications

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Somehow this nice thread hasn’t been updated recently. I am improving this immediately on a generic scale. Then I’ll run around the office and inspire people share their thoughts on things that they’re working on.

So we’ve shipped FB Gameroom, Live Updates, Native Extensions, Sticky Iron and Editor 2 to beta. Yay! but what’s next for Defold?

  1. Performance improvements :woman_mechanic:t4:
  2. 3D - a lot of it, and all around it :woman_firefighter:t4:
  3. Spine animation features :mage:t4:
  4. Physics stripping :woman_scientist:t4:
  5. Kill editor1 :skull_and_crossbones:

Makes sense?


1 Need more HTML5 performance - experimental WebAssembly support?
4 Stripping physics is gooooood!
Other: improving dashboard statistic page?

AND MAIN: please make stable Steam integrations … achivments + liderboards for start

I think to early kill Editor1. Its very stable, each time when i try Editor 2 i return back to Editor1.


I extremely like this list!
Would be great if this list contain something about sound system improvements - I am sure that many users dream about it.


This list is cool!
Also I would be happy to build projects with native extensions locally without build server!


This should be a community effort. A Steam integration makes sense to do in collaboration with a team that is releasing on Steam. I’d be happy to help, but since a Steam integration is quite a bit of work I don’t want to do it unless there’s actually someone planning to use it.


Fully agreed) My puzzle appear at steam in next year so later i start to work with Steam integration and all around problems) Thx.

Another one from slack chat: make build status window more informant - for example display build stage (NE, texture packing, js compile etc), make button for instantly stop building bundle process (not easy issue? right?), etc. Also good to do local build without run (sorry i am on Editor1 maybe such option present in Editor2)

Feature request: why each new created collection has Name property set to “default”? This only disturb novice user when he working with routing … and users later rename it. Maybe better to set Name as a name collection object? Of course you need support this property when do collection “rename refactoring”. Sorry if I missed something …


Interesting choice for the physics!

Even though it makes sense to make the engine more modular or even to replace the physics system completely, I always though about its tight integration more like a plus.
There’s so much workflow gain and easy of use into having it integrated that for me it beats the benefits of having it separate (think about creating collision shapes or setting limits, etc)

Can you elaborate a bit more?


Regarding the physics… :wink: