Poll for a next Lib/NE


I’ll have few days on the next week for a new NE or Lib.
I have a lot of ideas and I want to ask you which of ideas most interesting for you.

Draw pixels NE (CPU) - lib for drawing pixels into texture same like in @britzl example but using native extension. It’s faster and works good on mobile (I made some tests, fps is good enough)

Localization lib with google docs pipeline - I have told about my localization lib here - this is a lua lib with a google table (that include js-script for custom export to json/lua and some other custom tools) with possibility to use different fonts for different fields, set text field scale for different languages etc

DefUnityADS improvements - I thinking it would be great to make Integration Mode for Windows and Mac - a native window with buttons that imitate callbacks from the ad-network. It’ll make integration easiear on computer without mobile.

DefReview improvements - other my NE few lines of code inside =) Now it works only on ios 10.3+. I can add native popups for android and ios (before 10.3) with YES, NO, LATER buttons (thanks for advice @britzl =) )

GIF NE - lib for creation gif (for example for sharing ) that grabbing from screen or texture (maybe render target). It will have a lot of constrains but…

AppsFlyer - mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform DefAppsFlyer basic NE already works, but isn’t finished.

AdColony ADS or Charboost ADS - those are second and third video ADS networks (by income) after UnityADS. I can make NE for Defold.

  • Draw pixels NE
  • Localization lib with pipeline
  • DefUnityADS improvements
  • DefReview improvements
  • GIF NE
  • AppsFlyer
  • AdColony ADS
  • Charboost ADS

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I’ll check result of polling on Wednesday and start working on a winner of this poll.


Draw Pixels (Native Extension)

most of your stuff is on github, meaning other devs can continue the work if they can or need it. While GIF NE or DrawPixels NE both sound complex enough, so the whole community may benefit if someone kickstarts it. Just my 5c, not an actual lobby =]



Vote for GIF NE because of my 4321 Puzzle :smiley: Really want to share level walkthrough via gifs :wink:



For iOS there is a screen capture API already



so draw pixels it is?


How to draw rectangles, circles

And the winner is
Draw pixels NE

Ok, I start working on it right now .