Music Composer/ Audio Design

Hi guys,

I’m looking to aid in adding and creating audio for some video game/other projects that are relevant to what is going on within the Defold community.

Does anyone have a project that needs some music/audio that I could potentially create for?




I’m doing the LOWREZJAM this year. I’m doing a platformer game with a warrior as main character, falling down a hole into a cave from which he needs to find a way out. Sound effects:

Jump and Land
Walk and Run
Sword swing and hit/hurt
Pickup item
Ambient sounds (dripping water, faint echoes etc)

All sound effects in wav format.

Some fitting music for the theme. In ogg format.

The game is played on 64x64 pixels which gives it a retro feeling. Perhaps adapt to that?

I haven’t had much time to work on it so it’ll be a short game. And deadline is in three days!

I’ll also participate in A Game By Its Cover. No theme decided yet though.


Hi britzl,

I have used, modified, and created all of the sounds that you need for the LOWREZJAM. How would you like me to send them to you? (I used freesound and modified them for the theme of the game) all of which were in the creative commons 0 attribution section and waved into the public domain.




Great! Thanks! Can you share them via some file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive? You can also e-mail me at

I emailed you last night.

Yep, got it. Sorry for not responding. Adding sounds now. Will publish a version this evening.

Submitted a version:

I better put the disclaimer I put on that page here as well: “As usual I tend to drift from doing a game to exploring frameworks and new solutions in Defold. This time I explored ways of building enemy (and player) behaviour from components. It became some kind of ECS hybrid, but one that leverages Lua and Defold.”

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Nicely done! Sorry I forgot to add a hit/hurt, jump and land sounds. Will get it next time.

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