Memory leak when spawning new game objects (SOLVED)


While fiddling with my bunny benchmark I actually stumbled across what looks like a memory leak. It’s been reported and given a high priority. It will be noticeable after a while if you create and delete a lot of game objects, but otherwise it should be fine. Now, if we disregard the bug I found there were no hitches or anything while creating and deleting game objects, which indicates that Defold behaves just as advertised.

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Thanks for the info.
I’m currently struggling with hickups on every device when spawning lots of game objects. After a while those occur about every second and are getting more noticeable the longer the game runs.

I tried lots of thing to fix that, but if it’s the memory leak you mentioned i can wait for a fix and don’t need to put any more effort in that issue. :slight_smile:


The mem leak issue was reported as DEF-1983. I’m gonna check with the team about the status of that one.


Thank you. An estimate when this will be fixed would be nice, because my concept requires spawning hundreds of objects each second (especially bullets and enemies) and it now only takes a few minutes until the game starts to stutter which in turn hinders me testing it.

I’m currently considering pooling all objects by myself to avoid creating new ones, but i’d rather use my time for more productive things in case a fix is in sight. :wink:

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I’m told that @jakob.pogulis is going to look into this one as soon as he is finished with his current task. Jakob, correct me if I’m wrong.


That’s the plan :slight_smile:


Resolved in 1.2.89: Defold 1.2.89 has been released