#MadeWithDefold Jam 2023

19 century
Visual Illusions
Electric Circuits
Manipulation Of Mass Consciousness
Trinket Merchant
Forest Folklore
Patashnik (Loneliness in space)
Do It Yourself


Genre Mashup
Only # (Only 1, Only 2, Only X, etc)
Twist on a classic
Game within a game
Sequel to a game that doesn’t exist
Risk and Reward


Over 50 people joined our jam! :partying_face:

I added 5 more games to the pool of prizes to celebrate! :gift:

And as only 5 days are left, I propose a poll to vote for the theme!

There is a limit up to 5 themes in each poll (because there is limit on poll to have max 20 entries), but I would love you to differentiate it, so we could have only one winning result with most votes:

Theme for Made with Defold Jam 2023
  • Don’t Kill Anything
  • Death is not the End
  • In your head
  • Blindfolded
  • Parallel Worlds
  • Everything Breaks
  • Indirect interaction
  • Infinite gameplay
  • 3-color palette
  • Portals
  • Escape
  • One life only
  • Survive
  • 19 century
  • Alchemy

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Part 2:

Theme for Made with Defold Jam 2023
  • Visual Illusions
  • Electric Circuits
  • Manipulation Of Mass Consciousness
  • Trinket Merchant
  • Forest Folklore
  • Patashnik (Loneliness in space)
  • Do It Yourself
  • Genre Mashup
  • Only 1
  • Twist on a classic
  • Game within a game
  • Sequel to a game that doesn’t exist
  • Risk and Reward
  • Arms or guns?
  • X vs Y

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Great, because when I clicked to show results on poll end, I can’t see the results too! :sweat_smile: (It’s also great because I will be participating too, so it will be fair! :smiley: )

So, immediately after the poll will end, I will make a quick announcement and edit the jam page!


Theme is: INIFINITE GAMEPLAY! :infinity:


Day 2 (the 1th day was just thinking).

Started making a meditative landscape builder with endless gameplay. This is the first time I’ve ever drawn tiles (especially the layered tiles). The first progress.

All biome transitions are created by layering, which significantly reduces the number of transition tiles.


Day 1: was sifting through the ideas based on the theme . Nothing better than sticking an idea down on paper right away.

So far today partially designed a playfield , yet still need to map out where point trigger bumpers will be and also graphically where base lights will be flashing around the playfield before sketching the theme.

Thinking about how to best approach the collision , may try to create large polygon chunks or maybe grid slice the playfield into tiles and use that for collision and separated graphics most likely larger textures.

Not sure if I will finish this but very fun trying.


End of the day update, got the bumpers/flippers/gates etc. laid out now ready to build collisions and triggers for them in Defold tomorrow.


My game is definitely inspired by Slender: Eight Pages. I was thinking about making such game for a while in Defold to check out how it is to make a 3D game. Definitely assets by @astrochili, @TheKing0x9 and @aglitchman are helpful here! I have though a lot of problems with performance, but it might be only on my machine and I can’t bundle the game yet :frowning: So I’m pushing the project on Github, so maybe some of you can check it out and point out what’s messed up :crossed_fingers::sweat_smile:

It looks better with night lighting:


I’ve checked and I can’t bundle either. I’m testing with bob and it simply stops doing any kind of processing a while into the build. I will investigate!


Ok, so we fail to load assets/trees/zombie2.dae for some reason. I’ll continue digging into this.

Also, I noticed that you have you have two missing files:

ERROR example/objects/backroom.go:0 the component '/assets/trees/backroom.model' can't be found
ERROR example/objects/deadtree1.go:0 the component '/assets/trees/deadtree1.model' can't be found
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Ok, it gets stuck when trying to build an optimized set of triangles here:

Or actually, it doesn’t get stuck, it just takes a long time. The model in question consists of around 425k triangles, and that loop takes a very long time to complete…

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425k does sound a bit like overkill. It should still work though.

However, I consider our Collada importer to be deprecated.
I recommend converting the model into a .gltf/.glb format. You can probably do it with Blender.


I’m really not into 3D, but really wish to make it :smiley: I will do my best afternoon, there are models in glb, gltf and perhaps I would switch to them, I will clean up first unused models and then replace this high poly zombie :smiley: Thank you so much for the findings! :heart:

I’m going to sit this one out - I have too much stuff going on right now - but I’m looking forward to playing what you come up with!

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It works but it is really slow (~25 minutes).For each iteration it creates an object and does a bunch of list operations. I’m sure it can be optimized significantly. But as @JCash said, we’d prefer if we could deprecate the Collada importer altogether (in favor of glTF).

Related ticket: https://github.com/defold/defold/issues/4434

The quick fix if we decide to keep the importer around is to not optimize meshes and let the developer do it outside of the Defold build pipeline.

Personally, I’d try opening it in Blender and then exprt it as .glb.

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Now that is one handsome zombie and huuuuge, way too large to use for a game. :grinning:

You don’t need to replace it if you don’t want to - as @Mathias_Westerdahl said, Blender can export to this format - I have just tried this and the file has shrunk to about a quarter just by doing so.
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 13.57.32

Also, you can decimate this mesh by a very large amount with help of the decimate modifier - I quickly did reduce it to 10 % and it still looks good - but you will need to clean up a bit afterwards.
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 13.58.41


Thank you guys! How do you know how many polygons a model have? I was looking for “low poly” models, but I don’t think 420k is low poly, right? :smiley:

EDIT: Exported it to glb (after Decimating to ~25%) → not only it loads faster, but I also managed to get textures xD Thank you @anon95708182 !


Nope, this is certainly not a low-poly human figure. :grinning: I’d say, a couple of thousand vertices would be, hm, maybe 3000 or so if it should look detailed enough? :thinking:
If your source doesn’t tell you the amount of vertices etc, Blender does on the bottom right side:
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 15.12.29.

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