Nice work as always!


You should put it up on itch.io to reach a wider audience! (And maybe also Steam!)


It’s already on itch.io (link in my above post). Hadn’t thought about Steam at all though but it might be worth looking into.


gamejolt, gog, steam… why not? Your game is small, but you put it out for free. So probably the community shall appreciate it even on bigger platforms like Steam.


Any plans for gamepad support?


Thaks for the suggestions! I’ve put up a page on Game Jolt offering Windows and browser versions of the game.

As I only offer free games, Steam Direct isn’t really an option with its $100 registration fee.

To be honest, interest in my games outside of the Defold community is pretty low nowadays. Something shifted about a year ago on the Android Play Store particularly. My games were getting maybe a few hundred or even a few thousand downloads but my last three on there have vanished without a trace with only a small handful of takers. As a result I’ve abandoned Android as a viable format for now and trying desktop platforms instead. itcho.io seems to be the best place for homebrew games!


Well, I believe that why not develop this gane further? I think that this game has a lot of potential, and can be developed into a nice, big title. I know that will consume time, but I put my vote to say that the final game would be worth it.


I’d like to do a “bigger” game, I really would. Have just heard too many horror stories about indies investing their savings and years of their lives into a game that ends up a flop.

I’d more likely attempt such a thing with a decent marketing/ideas person on board, though finding good people to collaborate with is also quite a challenge. I’ve tried it before with a designer and an artist but the whole thing was a big waste of time.