Haxe + Defold = ❤️


Yeah, you’re right.


No, you also have to archive (build) with bob.jar before reloading via HTTP


How do you make your editor aware of the haxe defold library so it can do code prediction and checking? Not too familiar with Haxe, but intrigued by the idea of having the capabilities of a statically typed language.


Hmm, it should just work with VS Code and the Haxe extension from its marketplace, because it picks up the .hxml file and uses that for completion.

There is a minor(ish) issue with building to Lua through VS Code with current Haxe versions, since it tries to build through the haxe’s compilation server and that is bugged in the current Haxe releases. You can avoid the bug by setting "haxe.enableCompilationServer": false in your VSCode workspace settings. (I really should add that to the README).

But that’s unrelated to the completion and other IDE services, that should just work. Could you give me more info (at least a full screenshot of the editor window :slight_smile: )?


That would be quite annoying. Is there a plan to add something like
http://localhost:8001/post/@resource/build-and-reload in the Editor?


I only had the one file open with vscode, which was the problem. Opened it up from the projects root, and it picked up the build file. Took a minute or two for the code completions to be available, but they’re there now. Thanks!


what to do if i want to use other lua libs in a haxe project?


Replied in an issue you opened here: https://github.com/hxdefold/hxdefold/issues/12 :slight_smile: