Defold docset for Dash


Docset updated to Defold 1.2.86


Dash has now been added as a User Contribution to the list of docsets available from Downloads -> User Contributions.

The advantage of installing the docset this way is that the documentation will automatically update when we (I) publish new versions. I will also try to get the docset available from the official list of docsets.


Exellent in that way it will be avaiable with Zeal too :wink:


How do you think, maybe it’s possible to make Atom snippets using same way as you generated docs?


Yes, that is probably doable. The raw data for the documentation is available to download from our site, just like the engine, editor and everything else. It’s in the file,, where sha1 matches the release (for the current stable you can find it from


snippets.cson.script (128.6 KB)

A snippet file generated from the api docs for using in Atom editor.
For windows version of editor open File->Snippets and copy/paste text from the attached file to the opened one.
Ready for feedback. (:

Defold Editor 2.0

Nice! It seems to be working well! You should put the script up on GitHub and add some instructions for those who are not familiar with Atom snippets. And make a separate post of it here on the forum as well.


For those who have Visual Studio Code I converted snippets to that format. Just open Code -> Preferences -> User snippets -> select lua -> copy from archive and paste there -> save. Works well. (14.8 KB)

edit: made an archive fix…


Docset updated to Defold 1.2.88


thx for your work and all that you share


Docset updated to Defold 1.2.89


Docset updated to Defold 1.2.90


Hi everyone, sorry if I’m being thick but what is the URL feed when using Zeal?
I’d really like to stop creating manually each docset at release.



Answering my own question,

Zeal is yet to be capable of accessing directly : zeal issue

There is hope though and in the meantime you can pull the latest docset from the server manually:

and install it as usual.


Docset updated for 1.2.93.


Docset updated to 1.2.94


Docset updated to 1.2.96


Just a quick update for zeal users. Someone built a non official contribution repository in order to provide RSS XML feeds (similar to dash) here:

I can’t wait to see the automatic update do his magic! :wink:



Direct feed link

If you try to add it and manually installed it in the past make sure you remove the manually installed version from the Docsets window.

For new users

Tools -> Docsets -> Add Feed -> Paste above xml link


Docset updated to 1.2.97