Defold API for Visual Studio Code


It is available on Marketplace. Initial release is based on API version 1.2.137. :cowboy_hat_face:
All functions, messages and properties are separated, includes parameters and brief descriptions.

Defold community page:

Ordered Tabstops


Message Generation

play_sound ->, "play_sound", {[delay], [gain]})
model_animation_done ->, "model_animation_done", {animation_id, playback})



Properties with quotation marks


Recommended Settings & Extension

Add .script files to your settings

"files.associations": {
        "*.script": "lua",
        "*.gui_script": "lua",
        "*.render_script": "lua"

You can use those extensions with this snippet:

Json Parser

I build this snippet with a simple Python script. It parses all json files from api docs and converts them to single snippet file. It is available here. Feel free to update it.


I’m waiting for this one, thx dude! :grin: :heart_eyes:


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Ohhhh I guess so much people have been waiting for this. Thanks!


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Just found this on the marketplace. Astounding job selimanac