Defold 1.2.130 has been released


For anyone else migrating to the built in timer from the native timer module, both of these have timer.cancel() so I it’s possible you could have problems if you don’t remove the native module first.


What is your specific use case for pausing a timer?


Hmmm, that’s a good point well made. I came over from Corona and everything was pausable (but then Corana didn’t have functionality like set_time_step). Being used to pausing timers initially I concluded the functionality in Defold was missing.

Putting it in the context of Defold I’m struggling to think of a reason why you would use this. Brain is still saying there HAS to be reason but I can’t think of one. :thinking:


Well, it might be missing. :slight_smile: If you find a good use case please post it.