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done, project name is WEBVIEW


The problem is actually caused by a bug with the webview component. If a webview is created within a coroutine it crashes the engine when the callback from webview.create() is invoked if the coroutine has finished. Now, you might not think that you did run the webview from within a coroutine but you actually did since the call to webview.create() was wrapped in a pcall which in turn was monkey patched using coxpcall.lua to work when you yield inside a pcall. Minimal example to reproduce crash:

    local id = webview.create(function()
        -- crash!
    end), "")

I’ve created a ticket DEF-2632 to fix this.

I have run tests on the modules provided by DefNet and come to the conclusion that the use of pcall in DefNet doesn’t pose a problem and I have thus removed coxpcall. Please try again with DefNet 3.1 as a dependency (or the latest from master if you feel adventurous).


Cool! With DefNet 3.1 works fine! Thank you!!!
Can you change Installation Readme in DefCon git?


Ah, thanks for pointing it out. I’ve updated the readme.


I love DefCon more and more!
I cannot imagine how to be without Defcon when making native extensions.
Thank you!

I found small issue. It’s absolutely not a critical, but just I leave it here.
All logs duplicated as many times as I run “log” command

Ah, good catch! I’ve updated DefCon to handle this.


Bumping this post to say that DefCon is really great, and for any Defold developers out there who have not used it yet start using it today. Any new Defold users make it a priority to add this to your project and test it out because it is super useful and convenient especially for mobile testing.


on icon it show the 8080 port, but in fact it should be 8098
(I 5 min tried to understand what’s wrong with the console) :rofl:


My bad – making a fix



Updated. Thanks Agulev and Axel!


I’ve found two related issues on iPhone-

  1. If you connect to DefCon from a browser, and the device sleeps, the game will be frozen when you wake the device.
  2. If (without making a connection) you allow the device to sleep & wake twice, it isn’t possible to make a connection to DefCon.

We use DefCon on iOS to offer the same functionality that we use imgui for on Android, as I’ve had trouble getting that to work on iOS ( I actually noticed these issues a while ago, and was calling window.set_dim_mode(window.DIMMING_OFF) to work around them, but that might have been masking a more serious issue.

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Please try again. It should work now.

Yes it does, thank you.
There are now some errors building the engine on Windows, hopefully they’re just missing includes?
I’ll add the same info to the Github issue.

Line 89: use of undeclared identifier ‘GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE’
Line 90: use of undeclared identifier ‘GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE’
Line 1663: use of undeclared identifier ‘gl3wInit’; did you mean ‘glfwInit’?
Line 1664: use of undeclared identifier ‘GL3W_OK’

Reported as and

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