Cannot configure d-pad for DualShock 4 on macOS (DEF-3708)


I tried creating an input map for my DS4 controller (plugged in via USB) on macOS, but the gdc utility doesn’t respond at all when I press anything on the d-pad.

EDIT: Furthermore, the device’s name is identified as “Wireless Controller”, which is the same as my Xbox 360 controller, so I cannot have them both into one gamepad mapping.


Hmm, @sven might know more?


Sorry for the late reply, but I took a quick look at this today.

It seems that the d-pad registers as a hat input, an input type which we currently (a surprise to me) do not read! I’ve added a issue for this: DEF-3708

Not sure when we can investigate this further, but it feels like something you really need if you want to have gamepad support. :frowning:


Thanks for the answer. Do note that there are two separate issues, though:

  1. The d-pad not working
  2. The DS4 controller having the same name as my Xbox 360 controller (“Wireless Controller”), which makes it impossible to have them in the same mapping.