Bundle error: Unknown source (Access is denied)


“custom” resources are stored like the other game assets, inside the internal archive (game.darc).
“bundle” resources are store “next to” the app executable, and cannot be loaded using sys.load_resource()



So basically I was having the exact problem discussed here. Using sys.load_resource() and loadstring() seems to be doing the trick (completely disregarding require). Like this:

map_info = sys.load_resource(map_path)
map_info = assert(loadstring(map_info))()

map_path looks something like this:

local map_path = "/" .. string.gsub(map_dictionary.map_info[hashed_level].script_require, "%.", "/") .. ".lua"

Map dictionary:

M.map_info[hash("h_potion_hut")] = {script_require = "maps.map_codes.h_potion_hut", [other stuff]}

This was just for testing purposes so if I go down this route then I may as well drop the string replacements etc and just have the path stored as “/maps/map_codes/h_potion_hut.lua” in the map dictionary.

So, uh… I guess this just entirely sidesteps the issue? Is using sys.load_resource() and loadstring() like this going to hit me with any unintended consequences? Maybe it would take a bit longer to load but I’m not noticing anything when testing. The docs for load_resource say the contents are just loaded as a string, so since I replace the map data whenever I load, I shouldn’t be accumulating a bunch of data in memory, right?



I created an example of a few ways to load Lua code here:

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