Announcing Dashboard and Analytics shutdown


When we launch the new site next week it’s going to be a site generated using Jekyll (the static site generator used by for instance GitHub Pages). This will improve responsiveness and reduce complexity. All of the content will be readily available and easy to update.

The content of the asset portal will be generated in the same way. The existing database of assets have been moved into this repository where each asset is defined as a small snippet of JSON data. This data will act as input to our site generator for the Asset Portal. The presentation will be more or less the same but we will show less information and refer to the project URL (usually a GItHub repo) for additional information. Submitting a new asset can be done by creating a ticket in the asset repository or via a form on the Asset Portal (which will generate a ticket). Modifying an existing asset is done via a PR.

Asset portal:

Asset page:






Hey all!

I’ve been a bit away from defold over the last few months, and now coming back the dashboard has disappeared and I can’t seem to be able to log in (the website that is opened when trying to login can’t be reached).

Any idea? I’m not sure if I can download my projects then?

Thanks in advance for your help,




I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t seen or heard about this. We have tried our best to communicate it to all of our users:

The dashboard was shut down on the 22nd of September. This was preceded by multiple communications on the subject. We have sent three newsletters to all of our users, active and inactive. The first was sent on the 23rd of August, 30 days prior to shutdown. The second was sent on the 3rd of September and the third and last one on the 17th of September. We have also posted about it here on the forum, on Twitter and on Facebook.

If you haven’t downloaded your projects I’m afraid they are no longer available, unless you have local copies of the projects on your computer.



For anyone else coming here who, as me, don’t hang around here often enough to catch this but might have a big (in my case huge) amount of old projects that were gone I just want to post my solution and how I found all my old projects.
If you have a lot of projects that were in Dashboard only there is a big chance you are from the days before Defold 2, so if you still have the old Defold installed or have a backup where you can find the installation folder (I had it in an old Time machine backup) there is a subfolder in there called “branches” which will contain all your projects as they last were. They will be in folders named after the project id, so it might take some time to find that project that you wanted to go back to - but hey, for me it meant an hour search to find the game I created with my kids 7 years ago (yes, I have been using Defold for a really long time).



This is sad :frowning: I really wanted to compile my game again and add a few features :frowning:



No old copy on your computer? Multiple warnings were e-mailed to people so they did have a fair chance to download projects that were only on the dashboard.

On the bright side, you now have a blank slate to make your game better than ever. :slight_smile:



Haha true

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