White texture in node in runtime (DEF-3846)


I have a node with stencil clipping mode, In editor shows correctly, but in runtime only shows a white texture. whats wrong? thanks


Hard to say really. Can you share a minimal project?


Yeah, sure

proyectoCartas.zip (6.9 MB)

this is in editor

and this is in runtime

thanks in advance


I definitely think something is up with how we use the alpha channel in GUI’s, since I can use the same atlas on a sprite. We’ll look into this.


and why I have this problem?? I think you test all your features of your engine, and no one had reported this bug…

Is there any workaround? thanks


We’re still not entirely sure why there’s a difference between using the large 4k atlas on sprites as opposed to using it on a gui node. We noticed that making the atlas smaller, then the gui showed properly again. We’ve added ticket DEF-3846 for this.


ok thanks


In the meantime, as a workaround;

I’m not sure if there is a reason that all the backgrounds/images are much larger than they “need” to be? When I took a quick look at them in Photoshop it looks like they are upscaled 4 times their original size.

Try resizing them all to 25% of their current size and instead scaling up the gameobjects in Defold if needed. This will avoid the bug but also save you a lot of space and memory usage! :slight_smile:


Ok Ill try :grinning: