When removing block under player using Platypus, player is launched upwards


As can be seen in this video:

When a block is removed underneath the player, they hop up just a little bit. I know this is related to platypus.lua:473-481

-- was the ground we're standing on removed?
if platypus.parent_id then
    local ok, _ = pcall(go.get_position, platypus.parent_id)
    if not ok then
        platypus.parent_id = nil
    	state.current.ground_contact = false
    	go.set_position(go.get_position() + state.current.world_position - state.current.position)

I am wondering if anyone else has found a safe way of mitigating or completely removing this effect. I especially direct this towards @Bjorn_Ritzl, for he wrote Platypus. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can modify the code myself, but I want a more permanent and safe solution than just…adding a negative y vector to minimize the size of the hop.


I’m on vacation. Please create a ticket in the GitHub repo and I’ll take a look when I’m back.


Sure thing. It’s not a huge deal so don’t feel rushed at all.


Thanks. I’ve looked into it and have followed up in the GitHub Issue (https://github.com/britzl/platypus/issues/12)


Thanks! I will try to give the example when I get some free time.