Viewing markdown files freezes editor on Linux


hello to all,
when I view the md file of project in some moments, only the page of md file freeze and I can’t scroll down or up, I try to close and reopen .md file, but Defold engine not reopen file.
good thinks, bye


Can you give an example of a project with an .md file that locks up the editor?


The file of tutorial, walking astronauts


Ok, can you tell us a bit about your system? Windows, Linux or osx? Can you open script files and scroll in those? Does the editor freeze completely or can you access the menus?


the system is linux debian derivative called mx linux,
in for meny times I can scroll, but in certains moments the editor non freeze completely only the page od md


I have the same issue on Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 64 bit.


Still same issue with Defold 1.2.147 on Windows 10.
Related issue on GitHub: Tab contents freezing when viewing
But even though labeled as “serious” no more actions since Dec 2018 :frowning:.
I’ll go now with an external MD file viewer to not getting stuck constantly.