Video ads - comparing solutions


So, would like to start a discussion about video ads in games made with Defold :wink: We have 3 assets currently suited to Defold: AdMob, DefVideoAds and Enhance - what do you guys think of them? What are the cons and pros? Which one is easy to maintain? Have you maybe some suggestions for those starting with ads? :wink:


I used only DefVideoAds, it was easy to integrate.


Good thread. Interested as well.


+1 DefVideoAds


At first, I was trying with AdMob, but even example didn’t succed to build, so I quickly decided to try DefVideoAds and Enhance. As far as I was investigating it, Enhance gives us possibility to use AdMob, Appodeal, FlyMob, Amazon, Facebook, Unity, AdColony, and many others. Sounds very interesting, it’s a lot of things to use, but every one needs account, additional informations, etc to enhance app with it, of course. So maybe I will try DefVideoAds, hoping you could help me, if I will have questions :smiley:


@pawel.jarosz21 Thanks for mentioning Enhance.
If anyone has any questions about Enhance, please ask.
For more info on Enhance, just follow this link :

Thank you again!


I’m very interested in Enhance, because, as I said, I see it gives us a lot of opportunities. I’ve successfully ran its demo on Android device and now, I’m trying to display some ad by integrating it with AdMob. If I will succeed, then I’ll write maybe a straightforward tutorial, else I’ll ask for a help :wink: