Various bugs, feature requests and nitpicks on the website and forum


Dashboard / community page:

  • I keep thinking the gamepad icon in the dashboard which shows that a community page exists is a link to it. It’s not.
  • There should perhaps be a confirmation dialog when deleting an image/build
  • It seems to be impossible to make a project public unless a tag is specified. The workaround is to remove all tags after making it public.


  • Some user avatars are displayed slightly weird. Pic. (Chrome for sure, but I think I’ve seen it in Firefox too)
  • Minor, well hidden, but kinda infuriating
  • The keyboard shortcuts help lists “m” twice as the shortcut for “mute topic”


I experience this issue on Chrome and Safari as well (Desktop and Mobile). Most of the user avatars look normal but some are hidden, displayed like your screenshot or like this:

I don’t know if other people experience this as well but when I go to someones profile page on the forum there are no avatars shown next to their names at all.


That might be because my avatar has some transparency?


I’ve noticed it with other avatars as well, including default ones.


For me it only happens to the first avatar in the queue.



Is it then perhaps a sort of tag to denote the original poster I wonder…


Yeah, pretty sure that just shows the original poster.

The keyboard shortcuts list looks correct to me. You have to press M twice in a row to mute a topic. Same with setting it to Regular, Track, or Watch - you press M first, then another key to actually set it. Pressing M by itself doesn’t do anything. The “Jump To” shortcuts work the same way.


Ah, didn’t realize that.


To be honest I never knew about these shortcuts before you mentioned them. :smiley:

We need new badges for “Using All Keyboard Shortcuts in One Day”, etc.!


I’ve read that help file, but never really tried using them (otherwise I’d notice how the m, m thing works). Good to know they’re there, though.


It looks like the badges are sorted in rows top-to-bottom, left-to-right, first by rank (bronze, silver, gold) and then alphabetically.


I’d like to add something to this list, in code fences in docs pages you can not select some text and right click. if you want to copy that right clicking on it deselects them.



One thing I forgot in my list - I’m missing a “mark forums read” function.


We use Discourse for the forum. If there’s a Discourse plugin that can do it then we can look into adding it.