Typos in documentation (SOLVED)


Spotted a couple of typos here and there, might be worth tidying up:

“RETURNS node node new box node

“Get an list of players that are connected to the current player.”

“Defold comes fully features out of the box.”



At the same page at the bottom: “The e-mails are optional, sent our sparingly”.

I’ll look around a bit more. I won’t catch everything, but I’ve got an eye for typos.

Edit: All right, I read through most of the more “front facing” pages. For now I skipped the Showcase, any of the more in-depth manuals and terms and conditions/privacy policy (I’m not that crazy).

Some of what I found may be a bit too pedantic, some of it might not really be a mistake (English in particular has a lot of leeway when it comes to grammar) or it could be outright wrong (hopefully not). I’ve mostly ignored comma placement. That’s something I’ve barely mastered in my native Czech and never bothered to study in detail when it comes to English. All I know is that it’s complicated and different.

how the Defold engine and its API’s work -> APIs
C++ extension API’s -> APIs
(I ended up writing a full paragraph about pluralising acronyms towards the end, but API should definitely be pluralised “APIs”. That much I know for certain.)

Flip book animations for sprites -> Flipbook (As far as I know all of “flip book”, “flipbook” and “flip-book” are correct, but “flipbook” is used in the editor itself and relevant manuals.)
Predefined or custom easing functions for all property animation -> animations
One click deployment -> One-click deployment
Static content dependencies gives automatic resource management. --> give (though I think that would change the intended meaning somewhat, but the sentence as it is now sounds a bit tortured)
Particle effects editor with live previewing of emitter and modifier behavior - > preview
Joints support --> Joint support / Joints supported
No need for Xcode or Android Studio for mobile deployment. (the full stop here is inconsistent with the rest of the page)
All data in easily merging text files -> All data in easily merged text files
2D Focused, 3D Capable (Capitalisation inconsistent with the rest of the page. It might actually be the only headline with the correct capitalisation (i.e. “Rapid workflow” should perhaps be “Rapid Workflow”), but in any case this is the one that stands out.)
Native crash log API:s -> APIs

the learn centre is your go-to place for all things Defold -> center (I really *really* hate to correct from British to American spelling, but the rest of the website is following the US English rules, making this a mistake)
Our tutorials section is the percect place - > perfect
We occasionally send product updates, game releases, and tips & tricks to our users. The e-mails are optional, sent our sparingly (we dislike spam just as much as you do), and you can opt out any time.
(While the Oxford Comma is not a mistake by itself, as far as I can tell those are the only two instances where it is used. The rest of the website doesn’t use it, for example on the Product page: “Layered GUI with text, images and pie nodes”.)

get in touch with fellow Defold developers, artist, and amazing creators. -> artists

The url itself is weird.

There are a few dead links on the FAQ page:
Read the full story here.
Read more on our technology summary.
All libraries are documented in the reference API documentation

Additionally, there are multiple inactive links. Search for “http” to catch them, there’s too many to list.

FAQ and the Download pages say Defold is supported from Windows Vista, the Product page says from Windows 7
There seem to be some discrepancies when it comes to Linux distributions as well.

Everyone downloads Defold from the same locations and get updates the same way. -> gets

Q: Is there a way to know what version I’m running?
A: Yes, select the “About Defold Editor” in the menu. (the editor option is actually just “About” and is under the “Help” menu)

I try to publish my game to Appstore. -> I’m trying, or perhaps I tried
How do I monetize from my game? -> How do I monetize my game?
There is no built in support for ads -> built-in
There is actually consistency. -> Actually there is a consistency.
everywhere in the editor and the game API:s -> APIs
To understand why you have to remember that parent-child hierarchies are strictly a scene-graph transform hierarchy. -> To understand why, you have to remember (without the comma it becomes a Garden-path sentence)
headless gameobject with multiple sounds -> game object
A benefit is that you can duck sounds based on interval -> quack?
Hashes can also be used to store game object id:s -> ids. (Maybe id’s? I’d definitely write it without apostrophe if it said IDs, but since it is lowercase, id’s might actually be better)
since the editor automatically populate a drop-down with relevant url:s for you -> urls (Same issue as above! I googled a bit more and strictly speaking URL should always be capitalised and pluralised “URLs” In my opinion writing it lowercase is an acceptable stylistic choice in the context of programming, though technically incorrect. I’d recommend pluralising it with an apostrophe if lowercase for the sake of readability, though that’s a “rule” I just made up. Still, readability is the ultimate purpose behind all grammar rules.)

Game mechanic tag is present twice with different capitalisation. Capitalisation is also inconsistent across tags.
Util -> Utility



Thx for the help.
would you mind adding a PR for these changes?

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Holy moly, what have I started?!

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I can try, probably this evening. I can’t find the right repository though, I only found one with the manuals. Can you point me to it?

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Ah, the site isn’t in a public repository yet. And the API reference is in the code repo. I will do the changes to the site and API reference. I’d appreciate help with a PR for github.com/defold/doc though!



Fixed all of the stuff above, even in the /defold/doc repo. Again, thank you for reporting these issues!

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Great! I fell right asleep after returning home from work yesterday.

I’ll submit PR if I find any other issues in the future.

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