Trying to use live update to create loader (Issue-4387) (SOLVED)


I’m trying to create a simple loader which then loads the rest of the game using live update feature.
But as soon as I try to get current manifest: local manifest = resource.get_current_manifest(), the project fails to load on html5 with the error:
“Resource not found: /main/loader.scriptc”. loader.script is the main script for it. And then there’s bunch of other error messages like “Unable to create resource: /main/loader.collectionc” and “Pure virtual function called!” in the console.

I’ve created test project to show this. If you’re going to run it on your server, you will need to replace SERVER_URL variable in the loader.script, pointing to a folder with the index.html file (and the rest of the bundle)

Or you can try run it on my server:

If you comment out 30 line, everything loads just fine. What am I doing wrong? (3.8 KB)

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Hmm, this sounds like a typical use-case for the LiveUpdate. I’ll take a look as soon as I have some time available.



Created Issue-4387. Will investigate this week.

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Started investigating the problem. First important thing to note is that it works when bundling and running on macOS. The manifest is found and I can iterate missing resources. Next step is to try HTML5. Will update this post with findings.



Ok, so I bundled an HTML5 version and exported live update content. I unzipped both in the same folder and modified the URL in your example to match the folder where the live update content was located. Next I ran a local HTTP server and ran the game from there and the manifest was found and I could iterate the resources.

Oh, I just tried the URL you shared and everything works fine there as well. Using Google Chrome on a Mac:

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That’s weird. I’m still getting this error. Although I’m using Firefox.



Ok. Tried this on Chrome and it work for me as well. Not on Firefox though…


Live update and html5

It works on Firefox (68.0.1) as well here:

Maybe you have cached data?



Extensions messing with it?



Nope. Cleared it. I’m using Firefox (68.0.2).




Your link appears to be working for me too. I have no extensions installed.



Deleted all extension. Still no luck.

I’ve tried to run it in Firefox on Mac and it works there. But on Windows it doesn’t.



Are you on Mac or Windows?



Are you using your ISP’s DNS? Try Google maybe? I’m on Windows 10. Could try a VPN too.



Google DNS didn’t help. I need to configure VPN to try it.



I’ve tried to open it in the private window and it works. Apparently something interfere. I wander what might it be since I deleted all extensions?

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Try this?



OMG, can’t believe it helped. Thanks a lot!



I still experience this problem from time to time. Not only in Firefox, but on Chrome as well. It happens when I update the game. Once in a while it just stops loading with the error in the console:

WARNING:ENGINE: Unable to load bootstrap data.
exception thrown: abort(27). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.
INFO:CRASH: Successfully wrote Crashdump to file: /data/.Defold/_crash

Exception thrown, see JavaScript console
Error: WebGL warning: <SetDimensions>: Exceeded 16 live WebGL contexts for this principal, losing the least recently used one.
Error: WebGL warning: getParameter: pname: invalid enum value MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES
Error: WebGL warning: getParameter: pname: invalid enum value MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES
uncaught exception: abort(27). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

The only thing that helps is to delete storage folder in Firefox. I’ve made it so that the loader and the resources to which archive_location_filter applies always load from the new url to prevent them from caching, but it doesn’t help. What can I do to investigate this problem deeper? Is there any way to find out what bootstrap data it cannot load?

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Unfortunately I had to give up on live update feature and not use it since I cannot force users delete browser storage folder.

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