Transparent flash when opening android app (DEF-3686)


I notice a transparent flash occurs when I open my app on the Nexus 6p. When I open the app, the screen will turn black, then transparent, and then the app will appear. Also, when the app is already opened and I click the overview button (next to the home button) and then click on the app, I see the transparent flash again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have a feeling I need to modify the Android manifest, but I’m not sure exactly how.


How big is your app? Do you have an instance of main collection loaded at start or do you load it inside for example via collection proxy?


Can confirm this issue. My last couple of Android releases flash a black screen moments after opening for the first time. It only seems to happen that one time though.


I only have a main collection right now with 8 GUI nodes, a couple of scripts, and a background image. No collection proxy yet. I’ve experimented by removing the background image and a few of the nodes but I still encounter the same problem.


It appears this flash occurs when launching other android apps made with Defold too, including Blossom blast. On launch, screen goes black, then transparent (I can see my phone wallpaper), then app appears.

I’ve modified the android manifest to change the color of the black screen, but transparent screen still follows. Would be nice to have a smooth launch.


We will look into it when everyone is back from vacation.


Created DEF-3686 and added it to our backlog for inclusion in the sprint planning today.