Tilesource image creation software?


Do you have any recommended software to easily create, adjust and manipulate tiles in a tilesource image? That has a modifiable grid and I can move tiles in that grid and adjust them. Maybe there is an autotiling feature? And it would be great, if a software has an export to json (or even Defold tilesource and tilemap??) option :wink:

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I would love to see this as part of Defold, honestly - to be able to create and modify tilesource much like atlas creation works. Changing a tilesource as needs of a project expand is a pain to do in a graphical program.

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I saw and tried Tilesetter (https://led.itch.io/Tilesetter), but I’d rather not buy it unless I’m 100% sure it would be useful for Defold - anyone tried the full version maybe?



Why wouldn’t it be useful?

BTW I’ve talked to the developer a while back and he was open to adding tilemap export support for Defold. Also output of auto-tiling information into json or similar.

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I mean, how would I now import it into Defold? Is it all about formatting the export file to a tilemap text file?

Great then!