Tilesource Editor problems


I’m trying to separate tiles into collision groups but the selection doesn’t seem to be working. According to the manual on this, selected tiles should be highlighted in the color of their group, but this is not happening. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

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Set the collision shape to the same file as the image like so. The outlines should then appear.



Hero, thank you for the fast reply.



Remember to check the manuals. The answer is usually there! Although this time it could be highlighted more and perhaps also with an image. https://defold.com/manuals/tilesource/#tile-source-collision-shapes

The tilemap collision example does a better job of explaining it: https://defold.com/examples/tilemap/collisions/



I did check the manuals, unfortunately. I started learning to program a week ago and started defold yesterday, so I think I was suffering from information overload and missed something simple. That said, with this exception (that was my own fault anyway), I’ve had a great time figuring defold out, and the manuals, tutorials and documentation are excellent. Thanks for the hard work!



No worries. There is no harm in asking! Keep the questions coming!

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