Steam Deck input

I know there’s not many of us here developing for Steam, but I am wondering if anyone is doing that and has a Steam Deck.

My game Fates of Ort fails to work with any of the Steam Deck input modes I have tested, and I don’t know why.

I made a small test utility that’s supposed to display input and such. Once I finally launched it on the Steam Deck it doesn’t do anything - no input or sys info captured/displayed.

I feel kind of stuck! Bit of a long shot, but - any thoughts?

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Grasping at straws but maybe there’s something here? Steam Deck FAQ (Steamworks Documentation)

Unfortunately not many people have one of these to test. I ordered mine soon after the release and it is still months away from being shipped.


Yeah, I don’t have one either at the moment. Had to borrow from a friend. At first I naively only signed up for a devkit, but when I realised that’s not happening I made a reservation. So I’m far down the list.

Thanks for the link. Some interesting stuff there, but quite high level. From the user experience on the player side, it feels like it should just work.

Fates of Ort automatically switches over from mouse+keyboard to gamepad mode when any joystick movement is detected. That doesn’t happen, no matter which controls config I use. The little test program I made was designed to output what kind of input is captured, but it doesn’t display anything at all. So I’m stumped.