Something wrong with profilers and vsync (DEF-3734) (SOLVED)


1)Frame ms is changing from 11 to 20+ ms (in game profiler)
2)In html profiler it show 80ms per frame


visual profiler is more correct.


Yes, i also think so.


What platform, hardware and Defold version are you running? What does your project display settings looks like (vsync, frame cap etc.)?


Pc, windows. Last defold version. Default project display values. Vsync on. Frame cap 0.


OK, let’s try too narrow it down some. Do you experience that the game actually takes 80ms per frame, or could it be just the measurements in the profiler that are off?


Game looks like 16ms.


I don’t know if this is the same problem here, but I recognized also a ‘hiccup’ with the latest Defold. To make sure it’s not a problem on my side I’ve tested it with an empty project. Every setting is default and it jumps from 16 ms to often 33 ms in regular intervals. With fullscreen on it doesn’t happen. My System is Linux and I’ve tested it with both graphics cards I’ve integrated (Intel HD 630/Nvidia 1050TI) to make sure it’s not a driver issue and I’ve tested it with my external monitor detached. The problem remains. Only fullscreen mode helps.


I am facing similar situation, look this screenshot of the htmlprofiler.

I do not know what to do, I am investigating, but no solution till now.


From that profiler sample we see that you spend quite a bit of time running scripts (12ms) and processing messages (13ms). You also spend 5ms rendering. That in itself is quite a lot, but then it also seems that the engine is doing something more, waiting for vsync maybe, but I can’t see that in the screenshot. Could you post the next part of that webprofiler page as well? Also, please tell us what settings you have in game.project, specifically in the Display section (mainly Frame Cap and Vsync).


html profiler is broken


Ping @vilse !


Will have a look tomorrow if time permits.


This is bug in the windows version of the engine, created DEF-3734 to track this.


Released in 1.2.146