Snow particles effect


Does anyone have a snow effect ready?



Have you tried playing with the particle fx system? It should be fairly easy to create something resembling snow.

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I try so, but so far I’m not doing well. It’s best to learn from examples :wink:



I’ve made a decent snow effect in the past. As I get time, I’d be happy to adapt it to Defold and post a tutorial or project.

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Great, can you post an example here now? I will be grateful for your help.



Had a few minutes, so here’s a rough implementation using the built-in particle texture.

The important bits:

  • Start with a wide rectangular emitter
  • Change initial velocity to a negative number so the particles fall down
  • Play with the particle life, particle size, etc…
  • To make the particles go left/right, I added an acceleration modifier to the emitter. Maybe someone else knows how to make each particle just oscillate left & right, but this looks okay for a quick demonstration.

I hope this helps! (152.1 KB)



Extra! Thanks a lot !



I created a snow effect recently:

This is how I did it:

  • The effect is started five seconds in, so the screen is covered with snow from the offset.
  • Two acceleration modifiers are added; one static and one a bit random, going in two different directions.
  • The thing that really works well for snow is the vortex modifier. It’s set to be all random, so each flake lives its own life.

For the harder levels the variables are upped so the speed is increased, and the particles are made longer to simulate motion.



@totebo Thank you very much !

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