Shader to cover only part of the image


Imagine paintball, or field of grass getting darker when burnt or a character with invisibilty cloak, not covering his feet :smiley: I would like to create a material, that would be able to be partially blended with some color. How should I prepare a pipeline for that? A sprite material with custom fp or a model on which I will render Sprite, then another Sprite (particle blob) and blend them togheter (something like 2d lighting?)



A nice solution could have been another predicate for decals, which would be rendered on top of the main game using desired blending. But that leads to a problem with overlaid sprites.

Adding gradient support to a fragment shader is easy, can you do what you want with gradients?

Other than that I am not sure what can be done.



What is that?

I think I could try, it could be a quick-win :wink:



Overlay - when you need to display a sprite without a decal on top of a sprite with a decal.

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