Question about this turn-based multiplayer project


Says I need two terminal windows open to be able to run this. One for the client, and one for the server.
I have the server running but how do I do the client? I only see instructions for server…



nvm I found it. Once I have the server and client running how exactly do I play the game? The game screen says “waiting for opt”



You need to run server on terminal and client/s on Defold.

Did you start the PixiJS client? If so, could you please try with Defold clients? (Start two Defold clients not PixiJS)

This code is bit old and may contain bugs…



Seems like it is not working anymore. I’m going to take a look when I got time.
As far I can see; onJoin is not triggering room.state.players.on_add
[also room:on("statechange", ...) is not triggering ]

Maybe @endel can help.

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Hi guys! Oops! I’ve upgraded the server-side and the pixi.js example to meet the latest version of Colyseus a few weeks ago, but havent’t touched the Defold implementation. If you roll back to this commit it should work again. I need to upgrade the Defold implementation as well soon. Sorry about that

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@endel Thanks, it’s working in browser but how do I get it working in Defold? I rollbacked