Promoting Defold to students and teachers


Craig’n’Dave create resources for school teachers and students aged 11-18. We are promoting Defold as our engine of choice and have created several tutorials. We’d like some images we can freely use on our website to promote Defold. E.g. the Defold logo, screenshots etc. We have the press kit but it is quite old. Could the people at Defold supply us with something by any chance?

If anyone from the community is happy to share screenshots of their game either running or in the editor that you would be happy for us to use that would be great too. Thank you.

Our email address is



I send you an e-mail with all links to my public games and source codes. You can play them on :wink: There are also assets on my github, that you could use with Defold. Feel free to use them for educational purposes and to promote Defold! :wink: