Programing A Monster Breeder?


I’m not sure where to start. I want to program a monster breeder very similar to something like Flight Rising or Ovipets, But I am not sure how to program it. Any help on where to start or some documentation would be great! Thanks!



I always start with a design document- and make as many decisions what I want to do and why, then I map out a flowchart of what I want to happen and how. I also create concept art and story boards with exactly how I want it laid out.

Then I start looking up tutorials and docs on things I dont know or I am foggy on, I complete the tutorials and then try to make them from scratch. Then I work on those things I had problems with in remake of tutorials and I ask questions of move advanced coders.

Then I start building the stuff I know how to do, slowly working up to the stuff that is more challenging. Leaving room for changes to acommodate bad logic or mis-understood code.

I also replay the game I want to clone over and over and question every detail how and why did they do this, does it work or is it a turn off.

All this stuff I put in my design document which becomes a bible for the creation of this game. So if I need help the next coder or me in the future will know what I did and why.