Problems with labels


While developing my game I found some problems with the fonts.

When I build the game in the Defold Editor and then resize the game window, the font does not move or scale with the game object. (I’m working on Windows 10).

And when I started my game from the community page on a Samsung Tablet (Android) the size of some labels (gui) was wrong. I think the game scaled down but the font and the other gui elements have not been scaled down at the same rate. I forgot to make an image.

Maybe there is some setting for the scaling or do I have to implement it?
But why doesn’t the label component move with the object when the game is resized?
Would this be a problem when releasing the game to different android or apple devices?



All GUI nodes have an adjust mode (zoom, scale, fit). Check which value you have on the text nodes. Are the text nodes added as children to the box nodes containing the cards?



You mention labels but you mean text nodes in GUI or do you mean label components? It’s two completely different things.

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I have problems with both.

In the picture above, those are label components within the card objects.
If I change the size of the game, the labels keep their position and size but move with the card.

The gif if the video does not run:

The problem on the tablet was a text node in the GUI. I used a big node and entered text with line breaks and aligned sprite notes next to the text. I guess that was a very bad idea, so I replaced the big node with single text nodes as child of the sprites. I have to see how this works but surely it is the better concept, even for translation.



Yes multiple nodes is a much better idea!



I uploaded a gif because the video does not run (for me)