Problems with HTML build


Hi there. I have a problem with my build for HTML5 (my Windows app works nice and fine).
First I have this in the Chrome console:

"WebGL: INVALID_ENUM: getParameter: invalid parameter name NewClient4_wasm.js:1 "

The game is a online simil pictionary (draw the word), it’s made with Colyseus.
Also the canvas have this glitchy purple defold logo that shouldn’t be there.
I don’t know, I’m totally lost with this one, why html build doesn’t work like Win app?
Any help?

here it’s a version:



The game starts for me:

Does the game start when you do Project->Build HTML5?



To Project->Build HTML5 I also need to start the python server? But no, it does not connect to the server.
The game also starts for me, but after pressing “Start Game” just doesn’t follow the steps that it should…
Will it have something to do with the ssl certificate (I dont have one)? I changed some things in the code beacause I was having problem with http vs https, and I think I maybe did some shady things hehe. Sorry didn’t tell you that before, I’m kinda burnt.



Also, as seen in the screenshot by @britzl, you have a script error at clientNuevo.script line 206.

(reminder: avoid posting screenshots of text, it makes it much harder to read, and impossible to search for. thx!)



When does this happen?



Yes, I’m sending a message when room isn’t declared yet. Nothing big and I have to clean it, but that’s not the problem.

Anyways, I’m have been thinking some things to adress, gonna do some research and testing. I let you know any news guys.
Thanks! :metal: