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I’ve got a team of 2 others working with me on a project which requires a few different games being developed. We are at the point where I want to start using libraries shared between us, but not at the point where I want to make the projects publicly accessible.

It seems that this is possible if we have setup personal access tokens ( however I was hoping to get more details on how we set this up with defold when fetching libraries? If each of the developers has a private access token for their github accounts setup then will they be able to fetch any repos that they have access to?

Any help you can provide on this is greatly appreciated.


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Was going to ask a similar question. I have had problems with the personal tokens and a private library looking forward to a solution.

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I posted additional information in the Libraries manual:



Wow, that was quick, thank you very much for the quick update.

The level of thought put into Defold is seriously one of the big positives for it.