Possible to have an editor object be a property?


If I want to design a game object to take another game object with rotation, position, and scale as a property, is there any way to support this? For instance, I may have a generic building which defines a spawn zone. If I want to adjust it manually for each instance of the building in the editor then I am forced to modify the code to match / line up with the editor scaling and rotation, etc. It would be nice if I could simply set some kind of object which defines the properties and texture it so I can see where the zone is laid in the editor. Then the logic could look at the self.property_name to determine where to spawn enemies. This would also open up the door for simple navigation meshes being definable inside the editor.



You can add an URL as a property with go.property("my_object_url", msg.url()), which will then let you reference another game object or component anywhere in your scene.